Once upon a time, there were city guidebooks to plan your journey; there were history books to understand the past; there were recipe books to discover the new dishes… ​

Today, discover the world together with your Vauxhall, now able to understand and answer any questions on many topics*.

Vauxhall brings you a brand-new experience to enjoy during your journeys: SoundHound Artificial Intelligence powered by ChatGPT API* is now fully integrated in your vehicle and turns each trip into a new discovery.​

Start talking with your Vauxhall and ask the best suggestions on your next trip!

*The new feature by Vauxhall utilises the power of Generative AI with SoundHound's Chat AI platform, which integrates several knowledge domains, combined with the most cutting-edge large language models like ChatGPT API to deliver more timely and comprehensive responses than the previous Voice recognition System.

Choose your subscription

Vauxhall enriches its voice recognition feature with ChatGPT*. ​Now your vehicle can understand complex questions, generate rich explanations and provide suggestions in a smooth way on different topics - such as history, art, literature and much more. ​

Thanks to the integration of ChatGPT, you can safely talk with your Vauxhall keeping your hands on the wheel, without any need to touch the infotainment screen. All of this in total respect of your privacy**. ​

Getting answers is not all: have fun also giving vocal commands to your vehicle to follow the ChatGPT recommendations, such as navigate to a recommended restaurant just suggested. ​Try to ask: "Hey Vauxhall, which restaurant could I try to taste fish dishes in London?" and then "OK Vauxhall, now guide me there".

Just remember that ChatGPT version 3.5 uses data up to January 2022, so it has no knowledge of events and data after this date. ​

 **ChatGPT is integrated in your Vauxhall thanks to the audio and voice recognition system of SoundHound. Being an Artificial Intelligence language model, it is developed to generate human-like responses based on deep learning, but as it is new and developing technology, its answers or information may not be totally accurate, correct or objective. They do not involve any Vauxhall responsibility. As with any other virtual assistant, we recommend you not to rely only on the information provided and to avoid sharing private information. Please refer to the terms and conditions and privacy policy here.

All about the service

Vauxhall integrates ChatGPT* in the car to enhance the vehicle's voice recognition capabilities. ​

Start asking your questions and just have fun. Discuss with your car about the towns you are passing by and their history or art scene, or receive suggestions on the places to discover.​

You could say: "Hey Vauxhall, suggest me the best tour to visit London starting from Piccadilly Circus and reaching the Natural History Museum". 
Just remember that asking for real time information (such as sport results, breaking news or if a shop is open in this moment) are not questions that your new discovery service with ChatGPT can answer.​

Service Activation

To subscribe, you need to be the owner of one of the following vehicles in the Vauxhall range: Astra, Astra Sports Tourer and Corsa equipped with the Multimedia Navi infotainment system

Moreover, your Live Navigation Plus/Connected Navigation Pack Plus needs to be active.​ If it's not active, you can activate it by clicking HERE.

If your vehicle is in line with the criteria listed above, to subscribe to ChatGPT you just need to sign in and click on the button “Activate Now”, follow the steps proposed and then go onboard, being sure to be in an area covered by a strong mobile signal. An automatic Over the Air update will enable ChatGPT* on your Vauxhall. As soon as you receive the activation confirmation via email, just say “Hey Vauxhall” and you are ready to go. ​

Remember that the usage is linked to the remaining time of your Live Navigation Plus/Connected Navigation Pack Plus contract: if this expires before the ChatGPT one, it will be necessary to renew your Live Navigation Plus/Connected Navigation Pack Plus to continue benefiting of your new discovery service.

Countries covered by ChatGPT integrated in your Vauxhall and geographical area of usage can be found here.
Feature terms and conditions and privacy policy can be found here. Vauxhall reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw this offer at any point in time.