You drive, your Vauxhall guides you

With Live Navigation Plus you can focus on the driving whilst your Live Navigation system guides you to your destination safely and easily. This service is included free of charge for 3 years when you buy a new Vauxhall with a navigation system installed. Just add your new car to your profile and activate the service. The countries covered by these services are listed in the General conditions of sale and use, click here.

If you drive an Electric Vehicle, with EV Trip Planner you can pre-plan your journey, avoid range axiety and see the locations of the charging stations along the route.

Choose your subscription


For all new vehicles equipped with a telematics box and ordered on or after July 1st 2023:
The emergency call &  breakdown services and the vehicle status & information services* are included in the Connect ONE pack which is already included in the vehicle price.
The e-Remote Control & Live Navigation services are included in the Connect PLUS pack, which requires a specific subscription. Connect PLUS is available and included in the vehicle price for a period of 6 months from the warranty start date. After this trial period, Connect PLUS will be available as a paid service.        *Vehicle status & information service requires specific activation by the customer.




Enjoy a seamless experience, ensuring you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

With Live Navigation Plus services your car finds the best route in real time, based on reliable traffic information coming from a large community of users in over 30 countries. The Live Navigation Plus services are displayed on the main screen of your car and controlled by voice command.

For Electric Vehicles drivers, EV Trip Planner is the best ally to pre-plan every journey: before you leave, you can enter the destination and view the battery charge at departure... but most of all, you can discover directly in the app the estimated range that will remain available at the end of your trip.
The location of the charging stations along the route is also displayed, so you can send it from the app to the navigation system to start your trip without any worries.


Drive smart

Enjoy the time in your car to the fullest with Live Navigation Plus.

Take the best route with real time traffic updates, find cheap service stations, the best parking spots and spot potential problems on the road ahead, before you reach them. All via to your car's touchscreen and instrument cluster (if equipped with a digital display).

The road network is constantly evolving: traffic directions change, pedestrian areas expand or the roundabout in the newly-built quarter is ready for traffic. To get the most out of your navigation system and get optimal directions, make sure that the map is always up-to-date. If your vehicle is equipped with "Over-the-air" map update you don't have to give a thought, it will do the updates automatically for you. For all other navigation systems just visit regularly the dedicated section in the myOpel app and follow the simple instructions as soon as an update is available.
Get always the best route and reach your destination in the most efficient way. 

The Live Navigation Plus services include:

  • Online traffic Parking information
  • Weather information
  • Voice control support
  • Service stations and fuel prices along your journey or nearby
  • Quick search for addresses and points of interest
  • With an electric vehicle, you can search for charging stations.
  • Road Safety Alerts
  • EV Trip Planner for Electric Vehicles

How to activate this service:

If you have a new car with an onboard navigation system, 3 year subscription of the Live Navigation Plus service is included with your purchase. After 3 years you can extend the service by logging onto your MyVauxhall account and selecting the Live Navigation service.

How to use this service:

Once activated, you can access this service via your onboard navigation system.

Guide (PDF) for Live Navigation Plus service activation with VauxhallConnect (red SOS button in vehicle)

Guide (PDF) for Live Navigation service activation without VauxhallConnect for Grandland X, Combo, Vivaro Life, new Corsa, Crossland X (after March 2019 – Please consult your Retailer)